Welcome to our insightful list of the best open-source ticketing system solutions.

Successful and effective client bolster is more vital than ever within the world we live in nowadays.

Whether you’re a developing startup, a non-profit organization, or a expansive venture, the way you handle client request and issues can make a gigantic distinction in your victory.

That’s where open-source ticketing frameworks come into play.

In this article, we’ll plunge into the energizing field of these frameworks, which are effective devices for overseeing client intuitive and center points of advancement and customization.

We’ll reveal the key highlights that make open-source ticketing frameworks a go-to choice for numerous organizations.

So, in case you’re looking to optimize your customer support methodology, you’re within the right put.

The Best Open-Source Ticketing System

Selecting the perfect open-source ticketing framework is fundamental, associated to finding the culminate equip for a travel.

It’s the spine of stellar client bolster, vital for effectively taking care of request and guaranteeing a smooth involvement.

This choice impacts the administration of client intuitive and your team’s and clientele’s in general fulfillment.

Key components incorporate a user-friendly interface for simple route, customization alternatives to tailor the framework to your one of a kind needs, and vigorous detailing highlights for smart information examination.

The proper framework is more than a problem-solver; it upgrades your client bolster encounter.

And any of the instruments underneath will lookout of that!

1. UVdesk

uvdesk open source ticketing system

UVdesk stands out as an remarkable open-source ticketing framework for a few reasons. Its effective organization changes client inquiries into organized tickets, streamlining back.

With assignment administration highlights, complex issues are effectively taken care of. Additionally, its mail administration arrangement changes over back emails into standard tickets for superior help.

The stage too offers multi-channel bolster (counting eCommerce), uniting inquiries from different sources in one put. Its customizable information base settle common client questions, diminishing bolster stack.

UVdesk permits for broad customization, letting you tailor the subject to coordinate your brand and improve the client involvement.

Additionally, the workflow mechanization and flexible company settings make strides the administration of approaching tickets. And its commitment to security guarantees your information is secured against dangers.

Extra highlights incorporate a Record Watcher and Frame Builder App for improved client interaction, devices to survey specialist execution, a user-friendly Dynamic Web App (PWA), and productive ticket arrangement.

Key Features of UVdesk:

  • Integration with various channels, centralizing customer queries from different platforms into a single, manageable interface.
  • It efficiently converts support query emails into standardized tickets. This streamlines the process of tracking and responding to customer issues.
  • The system includes a comprehensive knowledge base you can tailor to address common customer queries and provide detailed explanations, reducing the overall volume of support tickets.
  • Automating workflows, enabling the helpdesk to automatically perform actions based on defined triggers or events, enhances efficiency.
  • Tools for examining agent performance and tracking customer satisfaction metrics. Get insights that help in continuously improving the quality of customer support.

Best for:

UVdesk is perfect for businesses looking for a customizable and versatile client back arrangement. Its multi-channel bolster and mail administration highlights make it culminate for organizations taking care of a tall volume of client intelligent over different stages.

Companies seeking out for an productive, security-focused framework with vigorous detailing capabilities will discover UVdesk especially useful.

Pricing: UVdesk is a free and open-source solution. But you can also opt for any of the two paid plans, starting at $22/month.


2. FreeScout

freescout open source ticketing system

FreeScout is an open-source ticketing framework, idealize for those requiring a proficient, cost-effective client back arrangement.

It’s a breeze to set up, indeed on shared facilitating, and bolsters boundless specialists, tickets, and mailboxes, all inside a 100% mobile-friendly interface.

FreeScout highlights consistent e-mail integration, multilingual bolster, featured discussions, and thrust notices. It upgrades cooperation with collision discovery and discussion administration apparatuses, counting consolidating, sending, and moving discussions between mailboxes.

Also, it offers fulfillment appraisals (our favorite!), a spam channel, LDAP integration, and a comprehensive information base.

FreeScout too coordinating with major stages like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Wire, and gives progressed highlights like GDPR preparation, API, dim mode, and customizable workflows.

This makes it an perfect, flexible arrangement for lifting your client bolster, catering to a worldwide gathering of people whereas keeping user-friendliness and proficiency at its center.

Key Features of FreeScout:

  • Unlimited number of support agents, tickets, and mailboxes, allowing for scalable customer support management.
  • It offers extensive language support, including English, Spanish, French, German, and others, catering to a diverse global user base.
  • 100% mobile-friendly, ensuring easy access and management of customer support tasks from mobile devices.
  • Collision detection alerts agents when multiple users view or respond to the same ticket. This prevents overlaps in customer support responses.
  • Custom workflows and automation rules for automatic ticket routing, categorization, and responses based on predefined criteria.

Best for:

FreeScout is perfect for little to medium-sized businesses and organizations seeking out for a cost-effective however comprehensive client bolster arrangement.

Its straightforwardness and ease of utilize make it culminate for groups with restricted specialized assets requiring vigorous usefulness.

But with its adaptability, multilingual back, and customization choices, it’s too well-suited for developing businesses with assorted client bases and advancing back needs.

Pricing: FreeScout is a free and open-source solution.


3. Faveo

faveo open source ticketing system

Faveo may be a standout open-source ticketing system, perfect for new companies, SMEs, and undertakings seeking out for an easy-to-use, cost-effective back arrangement.

It’s exceedingly customizable, permitting broad fitting to fit particular commerce needs. And it offers a comprehensive information base app to share profitable data with staff and clients.

Faveo’s omnichannel integration makes it special, seamlessly consolidating request from emails and social media. It offers a ceaseless license, ensuring reasonableness within the long term.

Also, with alternatives for company branding, you’ll change the framework to reflect your brand personality.

Faveo moreover guarantees top-notch client benefit with committed account supervisors for need back. It’s planned for boundless specialist convenience, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Whether you select a self-hosted or cloud-based setup, Faveo gives adaptability to suit your operational inclinations.

Key Features of Faveo:

  • Easy-to-install and user-friendly platform, ideal for effective ticket management across various business sizes.
  • It includes an app for creating a comprehensive knowledge base, allowing organizations to share information with staff and customers.
  • Faveo provides flexibility with its hosting options, offering both self-hosted solutions for those who want control over their data and cloud-based options for ease of use and maintenance.
  • Unlimited number of agents to scale your customer support team without additional costs.

Best for:

Faveo is awesome for new companies, SMEs, and ventures looking for a cost-effective, customizable, and comprehensive client bolster arrangement.

Its user-friendly plan and boundless operator ease of use suit businesses scaling their client benefit operations.

With its omnichannel integration and self-service alternatives, Faveo is idealize for organizations that esteem productive, multi-platform client engagement and self-managed facilitating adaptability.

Pricing: Faveo is a free and open-source solution. But you can also opt for paid self-hosted and cloud-based plans, starting at $15/month.


4. OpenSupports

opensupports open source ticketing system

OpenSupports isn’t fair a instrument; it’s a community-driven arrangement that revolutionizes client bolster.

It flourishes on its open-source nature, with all its code available on GitHub. You’ll effectively contribute to its advancement by announcing bugs, proposing highlights, or making a difference with interpretations.

Record connections in OpenSupports are a game-changer. Both staff and clients can join records to tickets, with control over the greatest record measure. Furthermore, bringing in clients may be a breeze with its CSV moment include.

The framework too brags a comprehensive notice log, keeping you upgraded on all activities on your OpenSupports location. And counting reCAPTCHA bolster improves your site’s security, including an additional layer of security.

Customization is at the heart of OpenSupports. It’s all almost making the framework your possess, from fitting e-mail layouts to reflect your company’s fashion to making custom reactions for ordinary request.

What’s moreover truly cool almost OpenSupports is the back for numerous dialects, like English, Spanish, German, French, etc.

OpenSupports doesn’t halt there. It offers articles and themes to address FAQs, a responsive plan that looks awesome on any gadget, and nitty gritty insights to track your ticket system’s execution.

Key Features of OpenSupports:

  • Capability to create custom response templates for recurring inquiries, streamlining the ticket response process.
  • Statistics to track and analyze ticket system data, offering insights into performance and customer support trends.
  • Creation of different departments. You can then assign staff members to specific departments they will oversee, enhancing ticket categorization and response efficiency.
  • Both staff and customers can attach files to ticket comments. Plus, you can set limits on file size for efficient management.

Best for:

OpenSupports is perfect for businesses and organizations of all sizes searching for a customizable and community-supported open-source ticketing framework.

Its multilingual back and capacity to oversee offices and staff make it appropriate for companies with assorted and worldwide client bases.

Pricing: OpenSupports is a free and open-source solution.


5. Freshdesk

freshdesk open source ticketing system

Freshdesk could be a blend of straightforwardness and control, outlined to create ticketing simple and profitable.

It’s group inbox may be a game-changer, permitting you to track and oversee bolster tickets from numerous channels in one put. This, coupled with operator collision location, guarantees that your group works proficiently without covering on the same ticket.

SLA administration is another key highlight. It lets you set reaction and determination due dates based on trade hours or categories, keeping your group on track.

To ease ticket administration, Freshdesk incorporates a ticket field suggester to classify, prioritize, and course approaching tickets consequently. Additionally, it’s shrewd sufficient to anticipate ticket reviving with a thank you finder.

Collaboration may be a breeze with Freshdesk. It permits group individuals to work together consistently, indeed bringing in outside specialists to resolve complex issues quicker.

Freshdesk’s omnichannel back is vigorous, overseeing communications from mail, phone, chat, social media, and your site, all on a single stage.

In terms of analytics, it offers curated reports, client fulfillment appraisals, customizable dashboards, and the choice to plan and customize reports.

Final but not slightest, Freshdesk has you secured with entry customization, custom operator parts, ticket shapes, and more.

Note: While this is a proprietary cloud-based solution, we still wanted to include it because of its awesomeness.

Key Features of Freshdesk:

  • Tickets are automatically categorized, prioritized, and routed to the appropriate agents or departments.
  • Businesses can create custom ticket statuses to reflect different stages of the support process accurately.
  • Automation of routine tasks and scenarios allows agents to perform multiple actions on a ticket with a single click.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting tools provide insights into helpdesk performance, customer satisfaction, and agent productivity.

Best for:

Freshdesk is perfect for businesses of any measure seeking out for a comprehensive, multi-channel client back arrangement.

Its user-friendly interface and vigorous robotization apparatuses cater well to groups prioritizing proficient, streamlined client benefit.

Pricing: Freshdesk offers a free plan that supports up to ten agents, but it also has three paid solutions for growing businesses.


6. osTicket

osticket open source ticketing system

With osTicket, customizing the information you collect from clients when they yield a ticket may be a breeze. You’ll be able make custom areas, shapes, and records that assist you get to the heart of the issue, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy.

The platform’s custom columns and lines are super convenient. They permit you to form personalized sees of tickets with the criteria you indicate.

Also, the ticket channels include is super helpful, naturally directing approaching tickets to the proper division or specialist and activating particular activities based on your rules.

osTicket’s auto-responder framework sends custom fitted answers when a modern ticket is opened, including a individual touch to mechanized reactions.

Benefit Level Understandings (SLAs) in osTicket offer assistance keep track of tickets and due dates, guaranteeing provoke reactions and need administration.

The client entry chronicles all support requests and reactions, giving clients simple get to to their history and a rich knowledge base for self-service.

At last (not truly), the progressed look highlight could be a time-saver, permitting you to rapidly discover precisely what you’re trying to, find counting custom field looks.

Key Features of osTicket:

  • Allows you to customize the data collected from users when they submit tickets. This helps you to identify and address the issue quickly.
  • Define rules to automatically route incoming tickets to the appropriate department or agent and trigger specific actions.
  • Set up configurable automatic replies for new tickets or messages (for each department).
  • Create personalized views of tickets based on custom criteria, along with custom columns for additional ticket information.

Best for:

osTicket is best suited for little to medium-sized businesses and organizations requiring a customizable, cost-effective client back arrangement.

Its open-source system is perfect for those with specialized aptitudes to tailor the framework to particular needs.

Pricing: osTicket is a free and open-source solution. But there’s also a cloud-hosted option that goes for $12/month per agent.


7. DiamanteDesk

diamantedesk open source ticketing system

DiamanteDesk could be a free, easy-to-use help-desk arrangement that stands out for its adaptability and versatility to special commerce needs.

It’s built on a present day innovation stack (counting PHP 5, Symfony2, Oro Stage, Bootstrap) that guarantees unwavering quality, adaptability, and simple customization.

This means (thanks to the open-source nature) you’ll be able tailor it to fit your business’s prerequisites, whether particular integrative or unique workflows.

Its client front-end is customizable, as well, with movable columns within the ticket network and social arrange integrative for simple client get to.

Additionally, its capacity to coordinated profoundly with different CRM frameworks, eCommerce stages, and venture administration apparatuses makes it a flexible choice for any commerce show.

DiamanteDesk offers a riches of highlights, including attachments, customizable areas, and comprehensive authorizations settings at both department and ticket levels.

DiamanteDesk may be a capable, customizable arrangement that adjusts to your business’s special needs and develops with you.

Key Features of DiamanteDesk:

  • Provides full control over the system and its code base, allowing for easy customization and extra development.
  • Seamless integration with various CRM systems, including OroCRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and more.
  • Compatibility with eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and others.
  • Offers customizable fields for tickets and branch-level as well as ticket-level permissions for better control and management.

Best for:

DiamanteDesk is perfect for businesses requiring a customizable open-source ticketing framework, particularly those requiring particular CRM and eCommerce integrative.

Its progressed highlights and specialized adaptability make it appropriate for companies with the capacity to tailor their bolster arrangements.

Pricing: DiamanteDesk is a free and open-source solution.


8. Zammad

zammad open source ticketing system

Zammad brings a plenty of common sense and incredible integration to require your ticketing framework to the another level.

One of the coolest things around Zammad is its audit-proof historization of changes. This include is helpful, particularly in situations like banks, where following each alter made to a ticket is significant.

Additionally, Zammad brags an broad information base, guaranteeing operators and clients have all the data they require, possibly in numerous dialects.

The adaptability of Zammad is unimaginable, much appreciated to its REST API, permitting for consistent integration and real-time upgrades over all channels. It moreover highlights person areas for tickets, clients, and organizations, making it versatile to your commerce needs.

Additionally, Zammad’s quick changes include avoids copy work and keeps everybody within the circle. Its savvy chat include significantly speeds up client inquiry determination, and the stage bolsters 40+ languages, making it unimaginably accessible.

You’ll be able personalize Zammad together with your company’s branding and join multitasking with different errand dealing with and autosave highlights.

Key Features of Zammad:

  • The system allows creating individual fields for tickets, users, and organizations, enhancing customization to meet specific business needs.
  • Administrators can set individual overviews and lists for different teams, customizing numbers, names, columns, properties, and permissions.
  • The smart chat feature enables the support team to resolve customer queries much faster than conventional email.
  • Any work in progress is automatically saved. This ensures that agents’ latest work isn’t lost and can be accessed and edited from other devices,

Best for:

Zammad is idealize for businesses requiring a customizable and productive open-source ticketing framework, particularly those requiring nitty gritty review trails and assorted dialect bolster.

Its multitasking capabilities and API integrative suit fast-paced, developing situations that prioritize streamlined client back and workflow administration.

Pricing: While Zammad doesn’t have a free solution, it offers a 30-day free trial. From there, you can choose either a hosted ($5.40/month+) or a self-hosted solution ($2,700/year+).


9. Support Genix

genix open source ticketing system

Genix stands out with its capacity for boundless tickets, operators, and clients. It’s epically versatile!

Overseeing your group may be a breeze with Genix’s operator control highlights, permitting for simple oversight of your team’s capabilities. Also, exchanging tickets between specialists or divisions includes adaptability and proficiency to your workflow.

E-mail Channeling consequently changes client emails into back tickets, and integrative with stages like Envato and First class Licenser streamline your bolster prepare, especially for advanced items.

Genix moreover spares time for active specialists with pre-saved messages for common reactions.

With brand color settings to coordinate your company’s fashion and WooCommerce integration for eCommerce businesses, Genix is adaptable and customizable to your heart’s substance.

Also, highlights like WhatsApp notices and point by point reports make Genix even more capable.

Genix may be a comprehensive, versatile, and customizable arrangement that’s culminate for any commerce looking to raise its client back involvement.

Note: Genix specializes in offering a top-notch ticketing solution for WordPress users.

Key Features of Support Genix:

  • Create and manage unlimited tickets, accommodating businesses of any size. Plus, add as many support agents as needed.
  • Agents can create tickets for users, enhancing the support process and customer service experience.
  • It includes a feature to transfer tickets between agents or departments, facilitating better handling and specialization of customer queries.
  • The system includes controlled file upload settings to increase security, ensuring that customers can only upload specific types of files.

Best for:

Genix is best suited for developing businesses requiring a versatile, open-source ticketing framework with the capacity for boundless tickets, operators, and clients.

Its highlights cater to groups prioritizing effective, streamlined client bolster and communication. The system’s adaptability and ease of administration make it perfect for differing and extending client benefit needs.

Pricing: While you can use Genix for free, it also comes with three pricing plans, starting at $99/lifetime for a single website.


10. HESK

hesk open source ticketing system

HESK is an open-source ticketing framework to productively organize, track, and resolve client issues, so your group remains on best of everything.

With HESK, 86% of clients have taken note a critical diminish in back demands, much obliged to its coordinates information base that makes a difference clients discover answers rapidly.

Keeping clients cheerful may be a breeze when your group has the proper information at their fingertips. Also, setting up may be a snap with HESK’s cloud benefit – get your offer assistance work area running in minutes without any specialized cerebral pains.

HESK is around giving control back to you. Prioritize and categorize tickets, set up staff accounts with particular get to and usefulness, and track who’s working on what.

Each ticket may be a center of data, permitting for consistent client communication.

Your group will cherish the canned reactions, ticket formats, custom information areas, and 100+ choices that make their life simpler.

And your clients? They’ll appreciate how rapidly and productively their issues are settled.

Key Features of HESK:

  • A built-in knowledgebase significantly reduces the number of support requests.
  • The system is designed to provide quick access to the right data for faster responses.
  • HESK offers a cloud service option, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup of the help desk system.
  • It allows you to prioritize tickets by urgency, organize them into categories, and filter them in various convenient ways.
  • You can set up staff accounts, restrict their access and functionality, and monitor who is working on what.

Best for:

HESK is culminate for businesses looking for a user-friendly, open-source ticketing framework to streamline client bolster.

Its highlights, like coordinates information base and customizable ticket administration, are perfect for groups pointing to progress productivity and reaction times.

Pricing: HESK is a free and open-source solution. But it also comes with additional cloud plans, starting at $29.99/month.


11. Spiceworks

spiceworks open source ticketing system

In case you’re juggling client demands, suffocating in emails, and working with a tight budget, Spiceworks Cloud Offer assistance Work area is here to protect your day.

(Keep in mind, this device isn’t open-source but has so numerous advantages we fair required to include it.)

Whether running a little trade or a bustling venture, Spiceworks is your one-stop arrangement to easily track, prioritize, and oversee all your ventures and client demands. Also, Spiceworks is super simple to utilize, with no server obtainment, setup, or upkeep required.

Say farewell to cluttered inboxes and hi to a streamlined, paperless involvement.

Spiceworks doesn’t fair organize your errands; it makes a difference you evaluate them with in-depth reports on your every day and month to month exercises. As a result they have it for you and watch out of reinforcements and upkeep, you’ll be able center exclusively on fathoming client issues.

Declutter, organize, and prioritize your workflow with customizable web entrances, programmed ticket steering, and versatile apps for iOS and Android. Spare time with robotized reactions, custom ticket sees, and productive ticket rules.

Key Features of Spiceworks:

  • Easily manage daily projects and user requests with tools to track, prioritize, and organize them effectively.
  • Offers in-depth reporting capabilities to quantify tasks and provide insights on daily and monthly activities.
  • Access to the Spiceworks Community includes 8+ million experts ready to offer help and support.
  • Native mobile apps for Android and iOS allow for management of tickets and tasks on the go.

Best for:

Spiceworks, whereas not an open-source framework but a exclusive free-to-use program, is perfect for little to medium-sized businesses. Culminate for those looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive arrangement for overseeing client bolster assignments.

Pricing: Spiceworks is a free cloud-based ticketing system.


What Is The Best Open-Source Ticketing System

Spiceworks, whereas not an open-source framework but a exclusive free-to-use program, is perfect for little to medium-sized businesses. Culminate for those looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive arrangement for overseeing client bolster assignments.

Here’s why:

  • UVdesk is an open-source ticketing system offering robust customer support and ticket management. Its key features include email integration, a knowledge base, and multi-channel support, making it a versatile choice for small and large businesses seeking a user-friendly and flexible solution.
  • FreeScout is a straightforward yet feature-rich open-source ticketing system. Its user-friendly interface, collision detection, and email integration make it an ideal match for small to medium businesses needing an efficient and easy-to-use support system.
  • Faveo excels with its emphasis on automation and customization. Tailored for businesses needing scalable support solutions, it offers efficient ticket management, a customizable knowledge base, and diverse integration options, streamlining the customer support process.
CMS Starting price Free plan
UVdesk $22/month Yes VISIT
FreeScout Free Yes VISIT
Faveo $15/month Yes VISIT
OpenSupports Free Yes VISIT
Freshdesk Free Yes VISIT
osTicket $12/month Yes VISIT
DiamanteDesk Free Yes VISIT
Zammad $5.40/month No VISIT
Support Genix $99/lifetime Yes VISIT
HESK $29.99/month Yes VISIT
Spiceworks Free Yes VISIT

How To Get Started With UVdesk

Here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how you can start benefitting from UVdesk:

  • Download and install UVdesk: Visit the UVdesk official website and download the community edition. You can install it on your server following the provided instructions.
  • Set up your account: After installation, access the UVdesk dashboard and set up your account. Create an admin account by providing necessary details like email and password.
  • Configure settings: Navigate to the settings section to configure your helpdesk. Set up general settings such as time zone, default language, and support email.
  • Create departments and agents: Under the “Team” section, create departments (like Support, Sales, etc.) and add agents (support staff) to these departments, assigning roles and permissions.
  • Set up email integration: Configure email settings to enable ticket creation from emails. This ensures emails sent to your support address are converted into support tickets.
  • Customize ticket workflow: Set up ticket workflows, including status, priority levels, and predefined responses (canned responses) for efficiency.
  • Create a knowledge base (optional): To reduce ticket volume, create a knowledge base with FAQs and helpful articles for customer self-service.
  • Test your setup: Before going live, test the system by sending test emails and creating test tickets to ensure everything works as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an open-source ticketing system?

It’s a program instrument utilized to oversee and track client benefit demands and issues, where the source code is openly accessible for customization and enhancement.

How does an open-source ticketing system differ from a proprietary one?

Open-source ticketing frameworks offer upgraded customization and integration choices at by and large lower costs, but they request more specialized ability for setup and upkeep. In differentiate, restrictive frameworks are ordinarily more user-friendly and incorporate committed bolster administrations.

Can open-source ticketing systems be integrated with other software?

Yes, most open-source ticketing frameworks can be coordinates with different program apparatuses like CRM frameworks, e-mail stages, and databases. In any case, the ease of integration depends on the particular framework and its community back.

Is an open-source ticketing system secure?

Open-source frameworks can be exceptionally secure, but it depends on the dynamic community and designers persistently upgrading and fixing the computer program. Customary upgrades and appropriate arrangement are key.

Are open-source ticketing systems free?

The program itself is more often than not free, but there could be costs related with facilitating, customization, and support.

What kind of support is available for open-source ticketing systems?

Back more often than not comes from community gatherings, client bunches, or contracted 3rd-party merchants, not at all like exclusive frameworks that offer committed back groups.

How customizable are open-source ticketing systems?

Exceedingly customizable. Clients can alter nearly each angle of the program, from the client interface to the usefulness, given they have the specified specialized abilities.

What should I consider when choosing an open-source ticketing system?

Consider ease of utilize, customization needs, security highlights, integration capabilities, community back, and versatility to coordinate your organization’s estimate and development.

Can non-technical users manage an open-source ticketing system?

Fundamental administration is regularly user-friendly, but more profound customization and framework integration might require specialized skill

Can open-source ticketing systems be scaled for large organizations?

Yes, numerous open-source ticketing frameworks are exceedingly versatile and competent of taking care of the developing needs of expansive organizations. Note: This may require a more advanced setup and foundation.