Below are the best plugins to clone or duplicate your WordPress site in the simplest way possible.

Do you need to grant your site a makeover and include a few uncommon highlights? Do you need to undertake modern stuff, change it, and idealize it best? Are you perplexed you might mess up and arrive yourself with a broken site? Wouldn’t it be pleasant to return to where you begun some time recently you messed up?

You’ll do that if you clone your site and securely keep a duplicate. You’ll be able recover it afterward and utilize it afresh in case you wish it. Duplicate your whole website—folders, records, databases, and all—before you endeavor to create changes. Usually called cloning or copying your site. The clone will be an correct unique duplicate, with no lost parcels and all the joins working fine.

Why would you need to duplicate a website?

  • To shift your website from one server to another.
  • To shift from a local development project to a live server or vice versa.
  • A testing environment or a staging server to try out some changes.
  • To simply back up your website.
  • A copy for a similar project.

You’ll copy the site physically or by employing a plugin. Physically copying website may be a monotonous copy-paste prepare that squanders your beneficial time. It may be a great thought to do it once to get it way better all the work the plugin does for you. To copy a record physically and introduce it in a modern area, you must

  • create an empty database at the new location.
  • Give a name to the new database.
  • Fill in and note the database login details, including user and privileges for the users.
  • Find export in the old server and export all the files.
  • Find import in the new database and import all the files.
  • Edit all the database references to point to the new location.
  • Connect to the new server and drag all your files from the old website using FTP.
  • Change all the URLs to reflect the new location.
  • Configure the domain settings.

Engineers got to do this more than once, but doing it more than once is awkward. Typically where the plugins can be of genuine offer assistance to you. With small exertion, plugins can make as numerous duplicates of the site you need. Tedious errands are all taken care of. Designers can make a format for consequent utilize for diverse clients. It can be particularly valuable for enormous websites.

Numerous plugins will require you to make another site to which your cloned site can be spared. You ought to keep the taking after data around the modern site helpful:

  • the name of the new domain
  • the MySQL database details
  • the FTP login details

On the off chance that you’ve got a duplicate prepared, after you enter these points of interest and hit the Clone button, you ought to hone progressing to your Admin board to spare the changes to the permalinks. This will ensure that your links work legitimately.

Let us see at a few well known plugins to assist you are doing all this.

Best Plusing to Clone and Duplicate WordPress Websites

1. All-in-One WP Migration

Like most plugins on this list, All-in-One WP Relocation can make a basic reinforcement of your records. It moreover clones your site and introduces it at a unused area. You must introduce a WordPress plugin at both closes some time recently you begin the relocation. The plugin interface is simple to utilize, and you’ll be able clone everything on your website—files, database, topics, and plugins.

All in One Migration plugin 2

The screen will provoke you to supplant the database strings, prohibit any substance you are doing not need to keep, and select a goal for your newly replicated records. You’ll be able drag and drop the records at the unused area or select the area from which it is imported. Information are imported and sent out in 3 moment chunks. This makes a difference to overcome any timeouts on account of estimate limitations.

All in One Migration plugin 1

Once you’ve got done this, you have got to sit back and hold up for the completion of the consequence process. Log in to the modern site and spare the permalinks when this is often total. The plugin can handle serialized information competently, and you’ll not need to mess with the URLs. All database references are naturally changed. It is free, but you must buy add-ons for a few capacities.

The numerous premium add-ons support the next record transfer estimate and empower trade and capacity at extra areas like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive. OneDrive, and loads of others. Add-ons will also offer assistance in relocating multisites. You’ll relocate the whole site or any portion with this expansion.

This plugin has over 5 million dynamic clients, making it the foremost well known movement plugin and one of the foremost well known plugins ever discharged.

Active installations: 5+ million

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2. Duplicator

Duplicator may be a awesome plugin for making a straightforward reinforcement and moving your site. Both free and paid adaptations are accessible. The free version incorporates the relocation wizard. On the off chance that you’ve got constrained technical knowledge, the creators prompt you to look for proficient offer assistance, at slightest for the primary utilize of this plugin.

Duplicator 1

You’ll thrust your records and envelopes to a unused area and drag them from there. The plugin will check the complete site and put it perfectly into bundles with a couple of clicks. At the conclusion of this bundling, you’ll have a ZIP file record containing your whole site and an installer record. You’ll document all the records, catalogs, and whole databases from WordPress but too prohibit parcels.

Move the chronicle and installer records to your location—a nearby have, a modern server, or a indicated outside capacity. You’ll be able at that point get to the installer record through a browser and begin the redeployment. The installer record will extricate all your records and make a duplicate of the database. After this, clicking on the Overhaul button will update all the URLs.

The premium adaptation can handle multisite movement and planned reinforcements. Custom look, supplant, and reinforcement to additional storage locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP are conceivable. You’ll moreover make custom formats to duplicate your framework settings speedier. Apply custom channels and select what you need to reinforcement. In case you would, like you’ll be able reinforcement the database alone.


A one-year membership will taken a toll you $39 to $119, with recharging expenses at marked down rates. The plugin moreover offers a 30-day cash back ensure.

Active installations: 1+ million

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3. WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB duplicates your database introduce from one site to another. You must introduce and actuate this plugin on the initial location and the goal server. You’ll be able avoid information merely don’t need to keep.

WP Migrate DB 1

You may have to be consequence the records within the new area utilizing phpMyAdmin. Fill within the modern address and the record way within the plugin introduced within the current site. The records will at that point be zipped and spared on your computer, prepared for trade.

As it were a database relocation is conceivable with this plugin. It can handle serialized information by recognizing strings and running a discover and supplant errand. This plugin will permit you to thrust and drag records from two associated locales. You’ll be able do this from the backend of WordPress.

WP Migrate DB Pricing

On the off chance that you need to clone your whole site, you’ll have to be overhaul to the premium forms of this plugin. The starter bundle (Personal) at $90 will not suffice. To realize the complete potential of the plugin, you’ll got to see at the higher-priced bundles, which extend from $199 to $1,000. These come with back for multisites, need e-mail back, and overhauls for a year.

Active installations: 300,000+

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4. InstaWP

Instawp - plugin for staging site creation

InstaWP Connect

may be a feature-rich WordPress plugin that empowers the creation of arranging locales in seconds. In spite of being a later discharge, it stands out for its consistent integration with all facilitating suppliers and its capacity to make organizing destinations on its server without focusing your live site’s facilitating.

The plugin lets you interface any WordPress location with the InstaWP dashboard. It gives you get to to a few vital highlights, counting a free SSL and arranging URL, an natural dashboard, reusable layouts, bolster for different PHP forms, and a simple way to share get to with groups and clients. It coordinating with Git and is consistent with Apache and Nginx servers, with human back accessible.

Whereas InstaWP may be a promising alternative, it is worth noticing that it is still a generally unused player within the showcase. Its incremental overhauls include and specific database blend capabilities are still in improvement.

InstaWP Pricing

InstaWP has numerous estimating levels, and the great portion is that it begins for complimentary and lets you make transitory arranging destinations that lapse in two days.

  • Free – $0, gives you access to most of the features and lets you create 3 active sites simultaneously with 48 hours of lifetime.
  • Personal – $14/month, 10 active sites with 5GB of disk space, and you can create templates, plus sites can be marked as permanent.
  • Professional – $29/month, 25 active sites with 10GB disk space; you can access the command line and use WP-CLI.
  • Agency – $79/month, 50 active sites with 25, gives you access to all the features and the ability to add team members.

Visit InstaWP for more details about the product features and pricing.

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5. FastDup

Fastest WordPress Migration & Duplicator

WordPress relocation might be complicated for you to duplicate records physically, move to a unused put, and make it live. But with FastDup, copying a WordPress location can be simpler than you think!

FastDup makes a difference you make reinforcements of your full location or database as it were. Formats are moreover accessible to set which records to incorporate and which to avoid. It spares parcels of time and saves you the regular migration battle.

Although FastDup may be a modern kid within the range, it comprises advancement procedures behind this clean UI/UX. After actuating the plugin, you’ll know what to do and where to press.

WordPress migration plugin

FastDup, much appreciated to those unused coding advances, includes a promising guide with modern highlights to be discharged before long.

Key features:

  • Multiple templates
  • Fast migration
  • Better UI/UX
  • Smooth and easy to use

Active installations: 3,000+

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6. Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus may be a well known plugin for cloning an online site with over 3 million dynamic introduces (break even with to that of Duplicator) and a 4.9-star rating. It is essentially for making reinforcements, but the premium forms can too be utilized for cloning and movement.

UpdraftPlus 3

Back up your records and database at distinctive times. Prohibit records simply don’t want to keep whereas backing up. You’ll moreover plan your reinforcements to happen consequently. Part bigger destinations into different chronicles and continue fizzled uploads. Restore specifically and consequently from a backed-up form. There will be no ought to alter URLs physically.

UpdraftPlus dashboard preview

Updraft Plus Pricing

The premium adaptation bolsters relocation and multisite compatibility. It moreover gives extra capacity alternatives; you’ll scramble the reinforcement adaptations. Buy the premium bundles for $70, $95, and $145. They offer nearly the same highlights, but the number of locales can be utilized will change.

Active installations: 3M+

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7. Solid Backups (Formely Backup Buddy)

Solid Backups may be a premium-only plugin. It is a straightforward movement apparatus that pairs pleasantly as a cloning apparatus. The Restore/Migrate page is the put to begin for your cloning handle. Strong Reinforcements will provide you a total adaptation of your WordPress in a zip record organize.

Backup buddy 1

Back up fair the database or run a total reinforcement. Plan programmed reinforcements. Set up diverse profiles for distinctive reinforcements, so you’ll be able work together with your craved form.

Download the ImportBuddy script to your computer. Following, download the reinforcement zip record from the same page along with your reinforcements. In the event that you move it to another location within the same server, you’ll be able simply copy or glue it in htdocs or a organizer. You’ll be able utilize a subdirectory for this.

Make a unused database, and enter the accreditations whereas bringing in. You’ll be able at that point move to another server right from your WordPress Admin. All the URLs are supplanted.

If you’re sending out to another area, at that point utilize FTP. Transfer it to a root catalog. You’ll at that point open the transferred substance employing a browser. Utilizing your password, follow the arrangement of clicks as coordinated on the screen and fill within the URL and modern database settings. Test that the site has been effectively introduced within the unused area by going by the connect shown. After that, permit the cleanup and expel the transitory records utilized whereas cloning.

With Strong Reinforcements, you’ll thrust and drag records effortlessly between the arranging environment and the generation location. This can be especially valuable to engineers. In any case, it doesn’t bolster multisite.

Solid Backups Pricing

Distinctive Strong Reinforcements bundles run from $80 per year to a lifetime installment of $297.

Active installations: 3+ million

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8. ManageWP

ManageWP isn’t a plugin. It could be a WordPress Support benefit that makes a difference you oversee all your WordPress locales from one dashboard. It can handle colossal databases and supplant URL in serialized information after cloning. A modern WordPress establishment will be required.

Manage WP

ManageWP does not handle cloning multisite establishments. It too incorporates nitty gritty instructional exercises to direct you through cloning and relocation.

ManageWP Pricing

The Clone or Move Wizard is included as it were within the Proficient and Trade bundles. These bundles will taken a toll you $2.4 and $4.8 per month. At $0.80 month to month, the Standard Bundle can merely backup and reestablish an online site.

Active installations: 1+ million

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9. Duplicate Post

duplicate post wordpresss plugin

Duplicate Post – hence the name –

permits you to copy any post. It is lovely clear, because it does not require any information. With this free WordPress plugin, you’ll be able copy or clone the post you need and spare it as a draft for assist altering and advancement. For your data, this plugin too permits for duplicating pages.

Once within the admin segment, you may see an option to clone the post you want just under the title (shows up on mouse drift). Moreover, if you’re inquisitive about cloning a few posts, you’ll be able utilize the bulk highlight, as well. Moreover, you may see a modern work show up interior the post when altering, and you’ll indeed duplicate it straightforwardly in a unused draft.

Active installations: 4+ million

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10. Duplicate Page

duplicate page wordpresss plugin

A comparable plugin to the past one, advertising you to copy rapidly, posts, custom posts and pages. Employing a single tap, of course! Duplicate Page plugin gets you going immediately, advertising you to form as numerous unused copies as you need. Additionally, you’ll set the copy as draft, private, open or pending. The options are right at your fingertips.

Once you install and enact the plugin, you may see it show up within the Settings category within the cleared out menu of your admin board. From at that point on, you’ll be able set diverse parameters for how you’d like Copy Page plugin to function and go from there. You’ll be able moreover set client parts, who can utilize the work, like admin as it were, editor, creator, etc.

Active installations: 3+ million

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11. WP Staging

wp staging wordpresss plugin

Whereas a few plugins offer you to clone and copy posts and pages, others offer you to form a duplicate of your whole website. As for the last mentioned, you’d want to utilize WP Arranging. It may be a basic and capable apparatus that easily handles little and expansive destinations. Of course, depending on the measure of your site, you’ll expect longer or shorter times than it must clone your page. Be that as it may, that’s something that WP Staging does within the foundation besides.

In addition, WP Organizing is an amazing instrument for introducing a unused plugin you might not be 100% beyond any doubt is consistent together with your site. Indeed within the Gutenberg piece builder, not all WordPress topics and plugins are congruous. In this way, make a clone with WP Organizing to begin with and be secure than too bad.

Active installations: 70,000+

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12. Migrate Guru

migrate guru clone wordpresss plugin

In case you need emigrate or clone your WordPress site, notwithstanding of its progressed structure or measure, Relocate Master is the plugin you ought to consider utilizing. Since the well known BlogVault powers it, Relocate Master ensures secure and secure movement of your page without gambling anything. And, as mentioned previously, in the event that you’d like to clone your web space, Migrate Guru is the instrument you’ll be able utilize. No manual work at all.

Center highlights of Move Master are one-click movement, no over-burden on location, no add-ons, no capacity space fundamental, and compatibility with each web facilitating supplier. Relocate Guru’s real-time status will too give cautions and notices approximately the movement or cloning handle. In conclusion and to streamline the strategy, all it takes are four straightforward steps and the relocation handle starts.

Active installations: 90,000+

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13. CMS Commander

CMS Commander  isn’t just a cloning plugin. It does a part more – it makes a difference to oversee numerous WordPress destinations. It oversees client accounts, comments and substance, duplicate web journal settings, post blogs in bulk, introduce and overhaul numerous plugins in one go.

CMS Commander

Plan programmed reinforcements and spare them in your computer or in indicated outside capacity choices. You’ll select to reinforcement the complete location or fair the database. Once you clone the location, everything including the current settings are replicated. As a result, you may have an identical, pre-configured site simply can utilize for another extend or to undertake out changes.

Cloning is worn out a two-step handle. Within the Clone Page, to begin with you tap on the symbol following to the site that you simply need to copy. An exact copy of that website will be made. On the off chance that you want, you’ll be able prohibit parcels of it some time recently you duplicate. Within the moment step, select the goal to where you need the duplicate put. At that point hit the Clone button and your work is worn. Out expansion, you’ll too reestablish website from a already supported up duplicate.

CMS Commander Pricing

With all the premium highlights, the plugin is accessible for a free trial, after which you’ll continue with the fundamental highlights for complimentary. Reinforcement and Cloning are accessible as it were with the premium bundles which run from $8 per month to $75 per month.

Active installations: 9,000+

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14. XCloner

XCloner employments Open Source Standard groups, giving you a choice in how you reestablish your site duplicates. The plugin will assist you reinforcement and restore any PHP/MySQL application. You’ll be able make traditions reinforcements and share them with others.


You can restore the backup almost anywhere with the help of an automatic restore script.

Active installations: 10,000+

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To Conclude

I have examined the most excellent plugins utilized to clone and copy your site. To whole up, all of them can do a decently competent work. In any case, the level of specialized information required may vary for the plugins. Designers who move databases as often as possible between locales may favor WP Move DB Professional. The free form of Updraft Furthermore will permit reinforcement to a inaccessible area. WP Clone and All-in-One WP Movement offer cloning work within the free version without updating to the premium.

Presently, you’ll be able make as numerous duplicates of your site as you need and move things almost as you if it’s not too much trouble.