Are you searching for an extensive review and comparison of the best white label website builders?

A platform or software solution known as a white label website builder is created by one company and rebranded by other companies as their own product.

The customer experience won’t be the best if company A sells a product with company B’s branding.

In other words, white labeling enables you to incorporate your logo for a more polished appearance as opposed to, say, using Wix branding.

Additionally, a corporation can alter the functionality to better suit its own requirements. In comparison to creating the instrument from scratch, it is a highly economical technique.

Technical complexity is not acceptable!

And when the customers utilize the platform, they aren’t aware (for the most part) that it has been rebranded.

The continued upkeep and assistance from the original supplier is also advantageous because it lessens the reseller’s workload.

Key Features to Look for in White Label Website Builders

Customization options and branding capabilities

A white label website builder must have branding options and customization options so that businesses may tailor the platform to their own requirements and brand identity.

The majority of the time, these builders let resellers to completely rebrand the user interface with their brand, custom color schemes, and domain names, making it seem like their own product. It is also feasible to create unique templates and designs that fit the reseller’s target market and specialization.

Additionally, the platform’s versatility is further increased by the incorporation of unique plugins and modules as well as the flexibility to add or remove functions.

Responsive design and mobile-friendliness

The white label website builder needs to make sure the site is responsive to different screen sizes and devices.

As a result, the platform’s usability and functionality are optimized for mobile users, ensuring a consistent and aesthetically pleasing user experience across the board.


Having a white label website builder that stresses responsive design and mobile compatibility is essential given the rising popularity of mobile browsing. The websites built on the platform see an increase in traffic and engagement as a result of better customer satisfaction and search engine rankings.


Don’t bother with it if it isn’t optimized for mobile.

SEO tools and optimization features

Selecting a white label website builder with SEO tools and other optimization features built-in is essential because not every user is SEO-savvy. The users will then have the opportunity to improve their websites’ exposure and search engine rankings. They are due it.

Sitemaps, subheading structures, URL optimization, and other SEO tools are frequently included.

In order to advance the website, we also advise looking for systems that allow integration with 3rd party SEO tools, Google Analytics, and other excellent tools.

Both amateurs and professionals ought to be able to draw in organic visitors and improve their search engine rankings.

E-commerce integration and functionality

A white label website builder should make it simple to create eCommerce sites and sell products online.

Fortunately, the technologies we chose allow seamless interaction with well-liked eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and shopping carts (or have it integrated natively). Users may easily create product catalogs, control inventories, and carry out secure transactions.

Additionally, white label builders might provide eCommerce-specific design templates, ensuring the development of contemporary and user-friendly online stores.

Businesses can easily build their online presence, widen their audience, and profit from the expanding online retail industry with the help of these powerful eCommerce features.

Content management system (CMS) ease of use

A white label website builder’s content management system is a user-friendly platform that enables organizations and individuals to effectively produce, arrange, and manage their website content.

Text, photos, videos, and other material can be easily added to web sites using a variety of tools and capabilities. Several people can collaborate on the same website using some tools, which speeds up the content development and review processes.

Additionally, users may simply rearrange pieces and design layouts using the simple drag-and-drop technique without any prior coding experience and still produce a professional-looking result.

White label website builders enable users to easily maintain dynamic and engaging websites by offering a strong and usable content management system.

Top 6 White Label Website Builders in the Market

1. Wix

wix white label website builder

Although Wix doesn’t have a specific white labeling solution, it does have a Partner Program that offers freelancers, designers, and digital firms a tempting possibility.

By permitting personal logo integrations and removing Wix advertisements (and replacing them with yours), Wix ensures that partners retain brand consistency over the course of projects.

The Partner Program’s simple customer billing right from your dashboard is something we particularly value. Keep in mind that you set the price and receive paid directly into your bank account.

Making websites for clients and receiving important points opens up a ton of amazing opportunities. This may include earning a partner badge, qualifying for the Wix marketplace, and receiving income sharing, to mention a few.

The vibrant Wix creator community is the icing on the cake, offering a venue for networking, teamwork, and collaboratively influencing the platform’s future.

The Wix Partner Program seems to be a priceless tool for everyone working in the web development industry.


  • Team management
  • CRM tools
  • Client billing
  • Partner resources
  • Revenue share (on specific plans only)
  • Product betas
  • Email campaigns


  • Excellent, quick priority support
  • Custom branding
  • Get feedback from clients
  • Earn points (for each new website you create) and unlock more benefits


  • Not a genuine white label website builder
  • Custom pricing

Pricing: Unfortunately, Wix has custom pricing for their white label solution. Thus, you’ll need to talk to the support team and they’ll provide you with a quote based on your needs.


2. Squarespace

squarespace white label website builder

Circle is a Squarespace partner program created especially for those in the creative industries. However, before becoming eligible to join, people must first create three (active) Squarespace websites.

Customers can use the program’s commerce, scheduling, and marketing components to build a profitable online company platform.

Using Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor, the Fluid Engine, members may also match the brands of their clients. We particularly appreciated the award-winning customer service and the user-friendly client interface.

Circle also provides its members with access to a helpful global network. In the members-only forum, they may network with other established makers, receive weekly product updates, early access to new (beta) features, and top priority assistance.

You can earn commissions for referring new customers to Squarespace, take advantage of a 20% discount on every new annual subscription for both themselves and their clients, and benefit from a generous (extended) six-month trial to perfect their clients’ websites as a member of Squarespace Circle.


  • eCommerce tools
  • Website marketing
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Custom branding
  • User-friendly client interface
  • Connection with professional creators
  • Private forum for advanced support


  • Free to join
  • Six-months trial period
  • Solid discounts
  • Referral payments
  • Community events


  • Not a genuine white label website builder
  • Need to be eligible to join

Pricing: It’s free to join Squarespace Circle; however, you need to be eligible to join, meaning you must have three active Squarespace websites. (So yes, paying for the standard plans first is necessary.)


3. Strikingly

strikingly white label website builder

With the help of the Strikingly Reseller Program, business owners and agencies may easily create landing pages, online shops, and other kinds of websites for customers.

Strikingly gives each reseller access to a set of tools for simpler client administration, co-branded marketing materials, a personal account manager, and more to make their lives as resellers more simpler.

With free hosting and an editor that is simple to use and doesn’t require any coding or design knowledge, the company’s emphasis is on speed and simplicity. Use one location to control everything.

The Strikingly Reseller Program offers a ton of advantages, including affordable bulk site pricing, extended 30-day free trials for each site produced, and round-the-clock assistance, to mention a few.

The time it takes to create a site is under thirty minutes. Additionally, by enabling teams to manage clients and sites effectively, the reseller dashboard promotes efficient operations.

For smooth collaboration, resellers can also create client logins and share site previews.

A minimum of 20 sites must be purchased by prospective resellers. (However, page-by-page purchases within the dashboard are also a possibility.)


  • Website building
  • Built-in hosting
  • Migration to Strikingly
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Efficient client site management
  • Ready-to-use design tools
  • eCommerce tools


  • Easy and speedy site creation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Client collaborations
  • Predefined templates


  • Not a genuine white label website builder (co-branded)
  • Users need to purchase at least 20 sites to join the program (one-by-one options is also available)

Pricing: The pricing to join Strikingly’s Reseller Program depends on the websites you plan to build. One way to become eligible to join is to commit to building twenty websites. (But buying additional sites from the dashboard is also possible.)


4. Brizy

brizy white label website builder

Brizy’s White Label website builder is a comprehensive platform that enables agencies and freelancers to increase their business by offering their clients a professional, custom-branded website-building service.

With the help of this scalable solution, users may change every branding piece to match their own, including the builder name, domain URL, support link, builder logo, project subdomain, and about link.

With extra features like domain masking, customised notifications, and unlimited hosting, it is completely customisable.

The platform’s lack of coding skills is its finest feature, allowing freelancers and agencies to concentrate on expanding their businesses and generating more income.

Brizy’s White Label makes it easier to design expert websites and gives entrepreneurs the chance to make money by providing site-building services.

For a quick and simple website construction process, it provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and a number of design possibilities. The websites you build will come with an SEO tool for optimization and will be automatically optimized for loading speed.

Last but not least, there are two White Label options: WordPress and Cloud, with Cloud being more expensive.


  • Client billing
  • Custom platform domain
  • Branded client communication
  • Turnkey reseller website
  • Various publishing options
  • Team collaboration tool
  • SEO tools


  • Requires 0 coding skills (drag-n-drop)
  • Logo and name builder
  • Domain masking
  • Optimized for top-notch performance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Brizy Cloud white label plan is pricey
  • Only one white label package option

Pricing: You have two options to benefit from Brizy’s White Label solution: 1) choose Brizy Cloud or 2) choose Brizy WordPress.

Brizy Cloud is much more expensive, at $89/month, and gets you ten websites, ten workspaces, premium CDN and SSL, client billing and heaps more.

Brizy WordPress is the cheaper version, at $25/month, and gets you one hundred websites, pro designs and features, marketing tools, theme builder and WooCommerce, to name a few.


5. Weebly

weebly white label website builder

Web designers may efficiently develop, administer, and revise websites for their clients using the dynamic platform offered by Weebly. Compared to standard CMS, it makes it considerably simpler to construct feature-rich online stores and websites.

By enabling users to save and reuse customized themes and templates for subsequent projects, the tool increases design efficiency and frees up more time to handle more clients.

More clients equals more money.

Additionally, every user has total access to the code, allowing them to alter HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to properly suit their clients’ requirements.

Weebly has a distinctive pay-on-publish business strategy that gives designers time for adjustments and customer satisfaction by deferring payment until after the websites go live.

Access to the designer account is free, and payments are only necessary for websites that have been published.

Designers also have the option of upgrading their accounts to have access to premium features and exclusive rates.

Be aware that the Lite (free) plan does not support bespoke branding; only the WebPro plan does.


  • Unlimited hosting
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Custom branding
  • Payment options for eCommerce
  • Build custom themes and templates
  • Custom client portal
  • Complete control over the code


  • Pay only when you publish
  • eCommerce support
  • Easy-to-customize code
  • Client permissions
  • User-friendly client portal


  • Can become pricey depending on how many sites you want to create

Pricing: Weebly’s Designer tool is available without charge, however it has some restrictions. The WebPro package, which costs $30/month + $8/month for each website, is what you should choose if you want to take advantage of white labeling.


6. HubSpot CMS Hub

hubspot cms white label website builder

Because HubSpot’s CMS Hub is a strong, extensive, and totally integrated platform, you can utilize it to create white label websites.

This is the most advanced choice in the group; it is significantly more expensive and ideal for big businesses.

It provides a wide range of tools for building, administering, and optimizing parent and child websites without having a lot of technical know-how.

Once you get the hang of it, setting up additional sites will be easy and quick, however the initial setup may include a learning curve.

The way that CMS Hub integrates with HubSpot’s CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service hubs allows for complete, data-driven decision making, which sets it apart from the competition.

By using CMS Hub as a white label solution, agencies and independent contractors may create unique, fully functional, and responsive websites under their own branding.


  • Drag-and-drop site building
  • Predefined themes and designs
  • Web apps
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Additional root domains
  • Custom objects
  • Great team organization

Pricing: While HubSport’s entry-level pricing plan goes for $25/month, it doesn’t offer the benefits of white labeling and custom branding. White labeling only comes with the feature-packed Enterprise plan, but it goes for $1,180/month – that’s why we recommend it for larger companies only.