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Mobile App

Pitnik New Look

Pitnik (Default)

Company Landing

Pittube (video Network)

Pitjob (freelance jobs Portal)

Audionik (Music Cloud)

Pitrest (Masonry Posts)

Shop Sell (E-Commerce)

Classified (Buy & Sell)

Redpit (Reddit points)

Pitpoint (Dating Network)

Favourit Page (Make Own Page)


Weather Forecast

Messenger (Chat Messenger)

Pitnik Features Pages

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Ad Center


Unlimited Features

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24x7 Support
Online Documentation
Free Updates Lifetime
Fast Loading Time
Clean Code
Responsive Layout
Ready to use demos
Lots of widgets
1000+ UI Components
Font Icons
Google Maps
Twitter Feed Jquery
Google Web Fonts
Lightbox Gallery
Tinymce Editor
Date Range Picker
customizeable color
Multi File Upload
Chat App
Calendar App
Mail App
Owl Slider
Two Menu Options
Data Table Plugin
Form Validation
Authentication Pages
Error Pages

Powerful yet easy-to-use framework built with following Tools

Bootstrap 4.4.1

Scrooge is built with the world's most popular front-end component library with CSS and custom components.

NPM - Node js

NPM manages project dependencies by building open source libraries or reusable code in seconds.

Jquery 3.3.1

Simplified HTML document traversing, event handling, and animating for rapid web development.

Powerful CLI - Grunt

A task automation tool. Compile and do changes with the introduced grunt command line interface.

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