Are you searching for the best and most beautiful Squarespace wedding templates?

Whether you’re planning your big day or you’re organizing espousal, the moment is your special day. Planning a marriage can be inviting, right? From picking the perfect venue to finishing the guest list, there’s important to do. But there’s one aspect you can simplify and have fun with – creating your marriage website! Squarespace, known for its lovely designs and stoner-friendly interface, offers a range of templates that are nothing short of eye delicacy. They’re perfect for participating in your love story, details about the big day, and your favorite shots. On the other hand, they will present your marriage business and services online professionally and astoundingly. I’ve collected a list of stylish Squarespace marriage templates for your convenience.

Best Squarespace Wedding Templates

Below is a curated selection of the best Squarespace templates to beautifully showcase your love story, couple details, and wedding services.

Note: I’m sure you’ll enjoy this collection of the best Squarespace wedding websites if you need an inspiration boost.

1. Soria

soria squarespace wedding template

You’ve got to check out the Soria Squarespace template for wedding sites.

Its header is clean and transparent, with a handy RSVP button up top.

The design? Light, minimalist, and super easy to read. Plus, the footer is neat, just the essentials, nothing more.

The story page features this huge image slider that’s just stunning. And, oh, it’s got an RSVP form that’s sleek and straightforward.

Soria is like elegance and simplicity had a baby.

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2. Dario

dario squarespace wedding template

Dario Squarespace template is a game-changer for wedding sites.

Its header does this cool vanishing act when you scroll down but pops back up if you scroll up. It’s an excellent way to improve UX while decluttering viewing.

The design’s light with these amazing full-width image backgrounds that just draw you in.

Then, there’s a striking dark footer that contrasts beautifully. Plus, it has detailed location information with Google Maps embedded, which is super handy.

And the RSVP page? Neat with a simple form.

Dario totally sets the mood for a modern wedding.

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3. Laurie

laurie squarespace wedding template

Laurie template is a minimalist dream for wedding business sites.

As you scroll, content loads smoothly, keeping you hooked. And the red and black typography adds a nice twist.

It has a massive, image-only slideshow that’s just jaw-dropping. And get this, a carousel for client testimonials that adds a personal touch.

It doesn’t stop there; it has pages for services and blogs and a contact section with a detailed form.

Laurie is the sophisticated wedding hub you never knew you needed.

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4. Rey

rey squarespace wedding template

Rey is a magic Squarespace template for wedding websites. Its header plays a cool trick – disappears when you scroll down and reappears on an up-scroll.

Moreover, it’s pretty text-heavy but in a good way, making your story the star.

The color scheme? Soothing, calm, and totally inviting. Plus, it’s got an RSVP page with a simple form that makes responding a breeze for your guests.

Rey’s all about blending functionality with a serene vibe for your big day.

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5. Morena

morena squarespace wedding template

The Morena Squarespace template is the epitome of chic for wedding sites. It rocks this stunning black-and-white theme, which is super clean, with minimal imagery and big, bold text that’s a breeze to read.

The menu’s sleek, just three links, with an Instagram icon on the left and an RSVP button on the right – total balance.

And the look? Uniform white background across the header, base, and footer, with light gray sections adding just the right touch of contrast.

Morena is minimalist perfection.

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6. Bleecker

bleecker squarespace wedding templatebleecker squarespace wedding template

Bleecker template is like a breath of fresh air for your wedding website needs. It’s light, neat, and just so tidy.

The hero image banner sets the stage with a text overlay and an RSVP button that’s hard to miss. Plus, a smart header that knows when to show up and when to duck out.

The image grid is spaced to perfection, making each photo pop. There’s also a story page that feels intimate and, of course, that essential RSVP form.

Bleecker is simplicity with a touch of stylishness.

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7. Malcolm

malcolm squarespace wedding template

Malcolm Squarespace template is a showstopper for wedding sites, with its bold, impactful black design that catches the eye.

It features a floating header that’s always there when you need it without taking over. As you scroll, content magically appears, making every section a new discovery.

The registry page is a dream, showcasing a product grid that’s both elegant and easy to navigate.

And guess what? There’s no traditional footer, keeping everything sleek and focused.

Malcolm is edgy elegance at its best.

Note: See more impressive black website examples.

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8. Lenoix

lenoix squarespace wedding template

Lenoix template is where your wedding website gets its dreamy vibe. With a lovely cream color scheme (yep, it rhymes!), it sets a soft, romantic tone right off the bat.

Ceremony and reception details? Bam, right above the fold for easy access.

The background color flows seamlessly from header to footer, wrapping your content in charm.

It’s got everything: story, travel & stay, registry, RSVP pages, and a minimal footer with just the essentials.

Lenoix is understated elegance, through and through.

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9. Adelaide

adelaide squarespace wedding template

Adelaide template is a spacious solution for building gorgeous wedding sites.

It kicks off with a full-screen hero image, making a strong first impression. The parallax scrolling is smooth as silk, adding depth as you dive into their story.

Furthermore, menu links light up on hover, effortlessly guiding you. Down in the footer, there’s a neat spot for your Insta feed, keeping memories fresh.

The portfolio section? A gallery slider that showcases moments beautifully. Plus, a recent work page filled with heartfelt client stories is available to decorate with yours.

Adelaide’s all about immersive luxe.

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10. Orchid

orchid squarespace wedding template

Orchid Squarespace template is the minimalist, modern gem perfect for wedding photographers.

Its design is clean and contemporary, letting your photos do the talking.

The header is transparent and sleek, keeping the focus on your work. Social icons and a call-to-action button sit right in the navigation bar, making connections easy.

Pricing packages come with handy accordions for details, keeping things tidy. Add a client testimonial slider for that personal touch, and a practical footer wraps it all up.

Orchid’s all about showcasing your artistry in style.

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How To Make A Wedding Website With Squarespace

Whether you have experience or not, creating a wedding website with Squarespace takes little time and no technical knowledge.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Sign up or log in: Head to and sign up for a new account, or log in if you already have one. Squarespace offers a free trial, so you can start designing your website without any upfront costs.
  2. Choose a template: Navigate to the “Templates” section and filter by “Weddings” to explore the range of wedding-specific designs. But I recommend picking the tested and proven ones from the above collection.
  3. Customize your template: You can customize your template to match your wedding theme and colors. Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to adjust layouts, add photos, and change fonts and colors.
  4. Add your content: Begin adding your content, such as love story, wedding details (date, time, venue), guest accommodation information, RSVP form, and any other information you want to share. You can also integrate maps, photo galleries, and your registry. If you’re building a website for your wedding business, you can easily adjust the template accordingly.
  5. Set up your domain: Choose a custom domain for your wedding website, making it easy for your guests to find and remember. (Squarespace allows you to register a new domain or connect an existing one.)
  6. Preview and publish: Preview your website to ensure everything looks perfect. When satisfied, publish it to share your love story and wedding details with your guests. Or to start acquiring new clients as a business.

FAQs About Squarespace Wedding Templates

Can I customize my Squarespace wedding template to match my wedding theme?

Yes, Squarespace templates are highly customizable. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and add your own photos and content to match your wedding theme.

Is it possible to add an RSVP form to my Squarespace wedding website?

Yes. You can easily add an RSVP form to your website. Squarespace provides form blocks that can be customized to collect the information you need from your guests.

Can I use my own domain name for my Squarespace wedding website?

Yes, you can use your own domain name. Squarespace allows you to connect a domain you already own or purchase one directly through Squarespace.

Are Squarespace wedding websites mobile-friendly?

Yes, all Squarespace websites, including wedding templates, are designed to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring your site looks great on any device.

How can I share photos and stories on my wedding website?

Squarespace makes it easy to add galleries and text blocks to your site, allowing you to share your engagement photos, stories about how you met, and any other memories you want to share with your guests.

What happens to my wedding website after the wedding is over?

Your website can stay up as long as you maintain your Squarespace subscription. You can keep it as a memento, update it with photos from the wedding day, or eventually take it down whenever you’re ready.