These are the best Squarespace writer templates for a perfect digital nook to showcase your written masterpieces.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or a novel writer; finding the right template can transform your words into a visual feast for your readers.

Squarespace offers many options, ensuring you create a site as captivating as your stories.

That’s not all.

You can adjust and modify any template you use according to your needs, including personalized tweaks and more.

Ready to find your perfect digital canvas? Let’s get started!

Best Squarespace Writer Templates

Before we dive into our curated list, remember that the right template doesn’t just display your work; it amplifies your voice and engages your audience on a deeper level.

Here are the Squarespace templates that promise to do just that, marrying form and function to showcase your writing skills perfectly.

1. Suhama


Suhama is an excellent example of how to create a truly text-only website that rocks. No matter what type of writing you do, Suhama is ready to make all your content shine online.

What’s also really cool about Suhama is that you can use it for a one-page website, presenting all the necessary material just a few scrolls apart. Call it convenient, if you will. (See more epic Squarespace one-page templates.)

Lastly, the header and footer are minimalist, with social links and additional business and contact details.

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2. Hart


hart squarespace writer template

First and foremost, Hart is no stranger to creating a strong and lasting first impression because of its dark design.

This Squarespace writer template mixes text and images smartly, with plenty of white space to ensure fantastic readability.

Moreover, you’ll find various internal pages, including a blog and a contact section with a functional form.

Spark everyone’s curiosity with Hart and make an instant difference.

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3. Vestervester squarespace writer template

Vester has a minimalist, four-column blog post layout on the home page for quick skim-through.

The header disappears when scrolling down and reappears when scrolling up, keeping things tidier. It features a drop-down menu on the left, a logo in the center, and social media icons on the right.

At the bottom is a clean footer with contact details and a newsletter subscription widget.

Each blog post has a simple, boxed structure without sidebars, focusing on what matters most – your content.

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4. Brower

brower squarespace writer template

Brower is all about seamless style. This Squarespace write template has a smooth flow from header to footer, all sporting the same calming background color.

But then, boom – the newsletter section pops in crisp white, drawing your eyes.

The header appears and disappears as you need it, keeping things sleek yet practical.

What’s more, posts, About, and Contact pages are all about simplicity. And don’t miss the social media icons tucked in the footer, making staying connected a breeze.

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5. Manual


The manual is an ideal Squarespace template for authors. It contains a simple yet impressive one-page book presentation with an option for direct purchases.

The layout loads content while you scroll for added interactivity. Sections are split nicely with thin lines, so you don’t end up last in the sea of information.

The manual also contains a subscription form so fans can sign up for updates, new releases, etc. (Start collecting emails as soon as possible so you can then execute strategic email marketing campaigns.)

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6. Rivoli

rivoli squarespace writer template

For everyone wanting to enter the food and travel blogging space, Rivoli is a terrific Squarespace template that will easily get you started.

It has a pretty unique yet simple design, so your content pops more. Don’t we all want that?

The header and the footer feature the essentials, while blog posts are somewhat basic. However, that’s a good thing, so the reader doesn’t get distracted by fancy elements, which may harm the experience.

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7. Book Page

book page squarespace writer template

Book Page is a Squarespace template that grabs attention with a stunning image, title, and a snippet of text, all calling out with clear CTA buttons at the bottom.

Do you have a trailer or other promo material? Embed videos to hook your audience further.

The “about the author” section adds that personal touch, while a slider for testimonials lets your readers do the bragging.

Book Page – hence the name – is perfect for showcasing your book on a single-page layout that tells the whole story.

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8. Amplify

amplify squarespace writer template

Amplify is all about standing out. The template mixes white, yellow, and black for a look that pops. (Still, feel free to alter it if you have a different combo in mind.)

As you scroll, content loads smoothly, keeping you hooked, while the floating header is always there when you need it, with a handy CTA button to boot.

Down at the footer, find quick links and a spot to sign up for updates. Plus, there’s a special section just for your Instagram feed, making it a snap to share your visual story.

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9. Jada

jada squarespace writer template

Jada is a complete Squarespace write template with all the necessary pages and then some.

You’ll also find the About, Podcast, Speaking, and Shop sections along with the modern home page. The eCommerce part allows you to sell your book, courses, or merchandise – the options are endless.

While the header is more on the minimalist side, the footer has a section for additional information about the author, menu links, and social media icons.

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10. Influence


The influence keeps it tight and right. Its sticky header guides you through a sleek, single-page journey, making everything easy to access.

The template has multiple sections to present your works, offerings, and yourself in the best possible light.

And there’s also a contact page, making reaching out a breeze.

Don’t forget the Instagram feed, which you can use to give a live peek into your world, seamlessly integrated.

Influence is all about making connections, and it does it with style.

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11. Mendell

mendell squarespace writer template

Mendell is a showstopper, starting with its hero section that grabs your eyeballs and won’t let go.

The CTA buttons practically beg to be clicked, thanks to their standout contrast. And that transparent header? Sleekness personified.

I particularly like the carousel, which you can use to present all your books, latest releases, or other items clearly and concisely.

The contact page is a smooth blend of form and map for everyone who wants to get in touch.

Plus, there’s a cozy corner for merch, turning readers into walking billboards. Mendell’s got it all.

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12. Idyll

idyll squarespace writer template

Idyll is a Squarespace writer template with a simple design and great attention to detail. It gives you all the necessary space you need for personalization and turns it into something truly yours.

Above the fold is a special spot for your (latest) book release with an image, title tex,t, and a CTA button.

Moreover, Idyll rocks a slider for featured press, a blog post carousel, an  IG fee,d and a dedicated page for book reviews.

You’re only a few steps aways from creating a standout online presence for you, as an author, and your books.

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13. Scribe

scribe squarespace writer template

Scribe is a feast for the eyes, with a color scheme that catches you the moment you land. The drop-down menu keeps things tidy, while the extensive section for reviews and press puts your acclaim front and center.

Fancy a spin through your works? The book carousel is a delightful whirl. Moreover, at the bottom, a dark footer houses the essentials, including a spot to subscribe.

Also, all those internal pages are a major time-saver, laying out everything neatly, so you don’t have to build anything from scratch.

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14. Acadella

acadella squarespace writer template

Acadella is no shortage of amazing from top to bottom. This Squarespace writer template has a full-screen above the fold with a background image, a transparent header, and overlayed text and accordions.

There are more full-width image backgrounds mixed with dark and light sections for added contrast.

Acadella also contains many predefined pages, including a blog and online shop for your convenience.

The dark footer sports multiple columns for quick links, social media, and more.

Like all that wouldn’t be enough already, you also get an online scheduling system, a blog, a sign-up for,m and a special sales page.

Acadella rocks!

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15. Verano

verano squarespace writer template

Verano triggers interest with its light, airy design that works well for a writer’s website.

Dive into the parallax effect that adds depth as you scroll and a clever header that plays a game of now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t with your scroll direction.

Get personal with a testimonial slider that lets your fans do the talking.

Moreover, it keepsp readers engaged with a neat blog section and an Instagram feed that’s all about visual storytelling.

Last but not least, Verano has contact and subscription forms built-in for those wanting to reach out or stay updated.

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